As part of a corruption investigation dubbed “Rolexgate,” Peruvian police conducted a raid on President Dina Boluarte’s residence in search of more than a dozen Rolex watches allegedly undisclosed by her. The inquiry was prompted by media reports highlighting luxury watches she had been seen wearing at public functions since assuming office in December 2022. The Peruvian government denounced the raid on Saturday as “disproportionate and unconstitutional,” with Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen expressing concerns over the political ramifications on investments and national stability.

Earlier this month, the government comptroller announced intentions to scrutinize President Boluarte’s asset declarations from the past two years. Despite these developments, Boluarte maintained her innocence, asserting that she entered office with integrity and would depart under similar circumstances. She defended the origin of her Rolex, stating it was purchased with earnings from her work since the age of 18.

The joint police and prosecutor’s office operation unfolded in the early hours of Saturday, broadcasted on local television. Authorities forcibly entered the president’s residence in the Lima district of Surquillo after unanswered calls for cooperation. Simultaneous raids were conducted in Surquillo, a few kilometers from the government palace, also subjected to search. Prime Minister Adrianzen clarified that President Boluarte, yet to comment on the raids, was present at her office.

Amidst speculation, Adrianzen categorically stated that Boluarte had no intention of resigning. The raids ensued after prosecutors rejected Boluarte’s request for additional time to furnish proof of purchase for the watches. Boluarte, a former lawyer, ascended to the presidency unexpectedly following her predecessor Pedro Castillo’s impeachment, triggered by his attempt to dissolve Congress and govern by decree. The political turbulence surrounding Castillo’s removal led to violent protests demanding Boluarte’s resignation and fresh elections, resulting in casualties.

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