A hostage crisis that unfolded at Café Petticoat, located in the eastern Dutch town of Ede, has been resolved with the arrest of a male suspect. According to local media reports, the incident commenced early on Saturday morning when the perpetrator entered the nightclub, threatening to detonate explosives strapped to his person. Initially, four individuals were taken captive, with three being released shortly after the confrontation began, while the fourth emerged unharmed approximately seven hours later. Authorities remain uncertain about the motives behind the suspect’s actions and are conducting assessments of his mental state.

Law enforcement was alerted to the potential hostage scenario around 05:15 local time (04:15 GMT), prompting a swift response from the East Netherlands police. The suspect, armed with knives and carrying a black backpack, brandished his weapons to the hostages upon entering the premises. As a precautionary measure, approximately 150 residences in the vicinity were evacuated, and the town center was cordoned off.

Mayor René Verhulst acknowledged the significant impact of the incident on the community, noting heightened emotions among residents. The hostages, identified as nightclub employees engaged in cleaning duties, were deeply affected by the ordeal. Following the release of the final captive, the suspect, donning a balaclava, surrendered to law enforcement and was promptly apprehended.

The scene was swarmed with specialized police units, including anti-explosives teams, and railway services to and from Ede were temporarily suspended. Anne Jan Oosterheert, head of police operations, emphasized the priority placed on providing support and care to the traumatized hostages. Efforts are underway in collaboration with local authorities to ensure that the victims receive comprehensive assistance and counseling in the aftermath of the harrowing experience.

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