A recent report sheds light on the growing popularity of podcasts, particularly among younger demographics. According to data from Edison Research and Nielsen Comparable Metrics Q3 2023, podcasts now reach 48% of 18-34 year-olds weekly, almost on par with television’s reach of 50%. Meanwhile, AM/FM radio remains the dominant force, with 77% of young adults tuning in weekly.

For the broader 18-49 age group, podcasts reach 46%, slightly behind television’s 58% and significantly trailing AM/FM radio’s 81%. Nonetheless, the report highlights that podcast weekly reach among 18-49-year-olds is now 80% of linear TV.

Overall, podcast listening is on the rise, with 47% of Americans over 12 years old having listened to a podcast in the month prior to the survey, a 12% increase from 2022. Weekly listenership has also seen a notable uptick, rising by 10% to reach 34%.

Edison Research notes the remarkable growth in podcast awareness and listenership over the past eight years. The weekly podcast audience has more than doubled since 2017, climbing from 15% to 34%.

A noteworthy trend identified in the report is the surge in female podcast audiences. Over the past year, female monthly podcast reach jumped by 15%, reaching 45% in 2024. This increase has narrowed the gap between male and female podcast listeners, with women now accounting for 48% of monthly listeners.

Interestingly, women also tend to listen to more podcasts than men, averaging 9.5 podcasts per week compared to men’s 7.2. On average, the audience listens to 8.3 podcasts each week.

The report concludes by highlighting the widespread familiarity with podcasting, with 84% of Americans now aware of the term in 2024, compared to 60% in 2017. Moreover, two-thirds of Americans have ever listened to a podcast, marking a 68% increase since 2017.

In summary, podcasts continue to gain traction, challenging traditional forms of media and attracting a diverse and engaged audience.

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