Bitcoin took a tumble recently, dropping to $66,000. But for Pakistani influencer Waqar Zaka, this “dip” became an opportunity. Known for his crypto expertise, Zaka used the volatile market to make profitable trades during a live YouTube stream.

Live Trading Showcase

Zaka’s a master at live streams. He leveraged his $200,000 account to execute two daring trades, each with a $50,000 margin. Within just a few hours, he secured impressive gains: $25,000 from the first trade and $28,000 from the second.

Market Mayhem and Savvy Maneuvers

Bitcoin wasn’t the only one feeling the heat. Altcoins suffered double-digit losses, and the market saw a massive $850 million liquidation of leveraged positions. This volatility highlighted the risks involved.

Geopolitics and Investor Jitters

The Bitcoin dip coincided with rising tensions in the Middle East, making investors nervous. Safe-haven assets like bonds and gold saw a surge as investors sought stability. This risk-averse sentiment put pressure on equities and cryptocurrencies.

Skill and Timing: Zaka’s Winning Formula

Zaka’s success during the Bitcoin dip is a testament to his skills and timing. But remember, crypto trading is risky. Don’t see his win as a guaranteed path to riches. Always do your research, plan your trades, and invest responsibly.

Bitcoin’s Future: Uncharted but Promising

The recent dip is a reminder of Bitcoin’s volatility. While its long-term potential remains debated, some see it becoming mainstream, while others are skeptical. Regardless, the Bitcoin market will continue to capture investor attention.


The Bitcoin dip challenged many investors, but Zaka’s story shows the value of strategic thinking during market swings. As the crypto world evolves, staying informed, managing risk, and having a long-term plan are crucial for success.

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