TTP Commander Killed In Afghanistan

Target: TTP Commander Killed in Afghanistan

The news sent shockwaves through militant circles, Talha Swati, a high-ranking Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan‘s TTP commander in the Malakand chapter, was killed in Afghanistan’s Kunar province. The broad daylight assassination, occurring after Friday prayers in Asadabad, has left a shroud of mystery over the perpetrators.

Swati’s Role and Affiliations

Swati, a native of Swat Valley, belonged to the Fazal Ullah Group within the TTP. He held a crucial position as the intelligence chief for the Barikot area. Reports indicate he played a key role in gathering information on the activities of Jammat Ul Ahrar, a splinter group of the TTP.

Conflicting Narratives: ISKP or Internal Strife?

TTP Commander

The motive behind Swati’s killing remains unclear. Some reports suggest the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), a rival militant outfit, might be responsible. This theory gains weight due to Swati’s alleged intelligence sharing with the South District Taliban and ISKP.

However, another possibility emerges, the possibility of internal conflict within the TTP. The TTP has a history of internal rifts, and some reports suggest a rival faction may have eliminated Swati due to disagreements within the organization.

Swati’s Group Demands Retribution

The Swati group, understandably outraged by the assassination, has demanded swift punishment for the killers. This demand further fuels the speculation around the motive. If ISKP is indeed responsible, the Swati group might seek retaliation. However, internal conflict could also lead to further violence within the TTP.

Recent TTP Activity in Pakistan

Swati’s death comes amidst ongoing tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Just a month prior, Pakistan conducted “intelligence-based anti-terrorist operations” targeting the TTP commander within Afghan borders. This escalation highlights Pakistan’s growing frustration with the Taliban government’s alleged support for the banned TTP.

Earlier in April, another high-profile TTP commander, Hazrat Ali alias Gagga, was killed in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. This operation targeted remnants of the Lashkar-e-Islam group, which had previously sided with the TTP.

The TTP: A Persistent Threat

The TTP has long been a source of instability in Pakistan, responsible for numerous deadly attacks. Swati’s assassination, coupled with recent Pakistani operations, underscores the ongoing threat posed by the TTP and its potential ties to elements within Afghanistan.

Uncertain Future: Implications for Regional Security

As investigations into Swati’s killing continue, the true motive remains shrouded in ambiguity. Whether internal conflict or external targeting caused his death, it signifies a volatile situation. The incident is likely to further strain relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan and raises concerns about the TTP’s potential resurgence in the region.

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