Shaharyar Khan: A Life of Service and Distinction

Pakistan recently lost a towering figure with the passing of Shaharyar Khan, a distinguished diplomat, cricket enthusiast, and author. Born into Bhopal’s royal family in 1934, Khan’s life was a testament to his dedication to public service and cultural understanding.

A Diplomat’s Journey: From Royal Roots to Global Service

After migrating to Pakistan at 16, Khan embarked on a successful diplomatic career. He joined the Foreign Service in 1957, rising through the ranks to become Foreign Secretary by 1990. Throughout his tenure, he served as ambassador to Jordan, France, and the United Kingdom, skillfully representing Pakistan on the international stage.

Beyond Diplomacy: A Passion for Cricket and History

Following his retirement from the Foreign Service, Khan’s multifaceted talents continued to shine. He served as the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for two separate terms, playing a crucial role in promoting the sport during a time of significant growth.

Khan’s passion extended beyond diplomacy and cricket. He authored several books, including “The Shallow Graves of Rwanda,” a harrowing account of the Rwandan genocide based on his time as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy to the country. He also documented the rich history of his family in “The Begums of Bhopal,” highlighting the reign of female rulers who fostered cultural and educational advancements.

A Legacy of Humanity and Excellence

Shaharyar Khan’s legacy extends far beyond the positions he held. He was known for his humility, kindness, and genuine interest in the careers of his colleagues. His commitment to public service and his dedication to cultural understanding left a lasting impact on Pakistan and the world stage.

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