Can Prince Harry Patch Things Up with the Royal Family?

The fractured relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William continues to make headlines, with recent reports suggesting a permanent break from royal duties for the Duke of Sussex. While speculation swirled about Harry potentially rejoining the fold due to health concerns within the family, a source close to the royals has squashed those rumors.

According to Paul Burrell, a former butler to Princess Diana, Prince William has firmly shut the door on Harry’s return to working royal life. Burrell claims William feels Harry “made his bed” by stepping down from senior royal duties in 2020 and pursuing a life in the United States with his wife Meghan Markle.

Health Crisis and Potential Stepping In

The news comes amidst health concerns for King Charles and Kate Middleton. Both royals are reportedly battling ongoing health issues, leading some to believe Harry might be called upon to fulfill some of their duties. However, Burrell suggests this isn’t the case. He states that “there is no way back” for Harry and that his public criticisms of the royal family have permanently severed his ability to hold a working royal position.

A Bridge Too Far: The Reported End of Royal Duties

Burrell further emphasizes that the late Queen Elizabeth II made it clear to Harry the incompatibility of maintaining a foot in both royal and non-royal life. Her Majesty reportedly believed such a situation wouldn’t be fair to the institution or the public.

Focus on the Future: Where Does the Royal Family Go From Here?

With Harry seemingly out of the picture for royal duties, the focus remains on the future of the monarchy. Prince William, as the heir apparent, is expected to take on a more prominent role alongside his wife Kate.

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