Pakistan-Israel Relations: A Complex History

Pakistan, the only Islamic country with nuclear weapons, has a surprisingly complex relationship with Israel. While many expect a strong condemnation of Israel’s actions in the Middle East, Pakistan has often remained silent. This article explores the reasons behind this silence and the history of Pakistan-Israel relations.

Pakistan’s Stance on Israel

Pakistan’s position on Israel has been one of official opposition. The country does not recognize Israel and does not have diplomatic relations with it. However, there have been hints of a more nuanced relationship behind the scenes.

Evidence of Covert Ties

Several pieces of evidence suggest that Pakistan and Israel may have covert ties. For example, a 2023 article in the Middle East Monitor alleged that Pakistani intelligence agencies were using Israeli spyware. Additionally, there have been reports of secret meetings between Pakistani and Israeli officials.

Reasons for Pakistan’s Silence

There are several reasons why Pakistan might remain silent on the issue of Israel. One reason is Pakistan’s close relationship with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has recently been warming up to Israel, and Pakistan may not want to jeopardize its relationship with its key ally.

Another reason is Pakistan’s own nuclear program. Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are seen as a deterrent against India, and Pakistan may not want to provoke Israel, which has a strong military and intelligence apparatus.

The Future of Pakistan-Israel Relations

The future of Pakistan-Israel relations is uncertain. The recent war between Hamas and Israel has likely set back any efforts towards normalization. However, as the situation in the Middle East changes, it is possible that Pakistan and Israel could develop a more open relationship.


The relationship between Pakistan and Israel is complex and shrouded in secrecy. While the two countries officially oppose each other, there is evidence of covert cooperation. The future of this relationship will likely depend on the broader geopolitical situation in the Middle East.

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