List of Pakistani Drama Actress Who Married Younger Men

In the world of Pakistani dramas, where love stories often blossom on screen, some Pakistani drama actress have found their own happily ever after in real life, defying traditional expectations. Few such examples are mentioned in this blog.

There’s also a noticeable shift in the types of celebrity couples emerging. Traditionally, relationships and marriages often involved partners of similar ages. But that’s changing, we’re seeing more celebrities choosing partners who may be older or younger, especially when the woman is the elder half of the couple.

1- Hina Rizvi & Ammar Ahmed Khan – Pakistani Drama Actress & Actor

Hina Rizvi & Ammar Ahmed Khan - Pakistani Drama Actress

In a surprise wedding, Pakistani Drama Actress, Hina Rizvi tied the knot with Pakistani Drama Actor and content creator Ammar Ahmed Khan in a beautiful and intimate ceremony held in Karachi.

The couple, dressed in matching ivory outfits, exchanged vows surrounded by close family and friends, creating a warm and joyful atmosphere. The news came as a delightful surprise to fans after Rizvi shared glimpses of their Mayun celebration on her Instagram, expressing her love and gratitude for her husband.

Just a few days prior, Rizvi took to social media to share a sneak peek of the Mayun ceremony along with a heartfelt message dedicated to Khan. “I’m looking forward to this beautiful journey with my beloved, my soulmate,” she wrote.

Both Rizvi and Ammar Ahmed Khan are successful in their respective fields. Pakistani Drama Actor, Ammar Ahmed Khan, a rising star in theatre and television, is also known for his hilarious online content. He is well known for a key role in the ARY Digital drama serial “Besharam.”

Hina Rizvi, on the other hand, comes from a family steeped in Pakistani entertainment. Her elder sisters, Sangeeta and Kaveeta, are both veteran Pakistani film actresses, and her brother, Raza Ali Rizvi, was a film producer.

2- Yasra Rizvi & Abdul Hadi Khan

Yasra Rizvi & Abdul Hadi Khan

Yasra Rizvi, a multi-talented force in Pakistani entertainment, excels as an Pakistani drama actress, poetess, and director. Renowned for her professionalism and dedication, she consistently delivers captivating performances. While maintaining a private life, she occasionally shares glimpses of happiness with her fans.

In 2016, Yasra Rizvi married Abdul Hadi, their union gaining widespread attention as he is ten years younger. This defied societal expectations and showcased the power of love. Together, they have built a strong and successful partnership. Their journey has been enriched by the arrival of a son, and they remain each other’s biggest supporters both personally and professionally.

The secret to their thriving marriage, as Yasra herself revealed, lies in a deep friendship and unwavering mutual understanding. She considers marrying Abdul Hadi a stroke of incredible luck, emphasizing the importance of friendship as the foundation for a strong and lasting relationship.

3- Bushra Ansari & Iqbal Hussain – Pakistani Drama Actress & Director

Bushra Ansari & Iqbal Hussain - Pakistani Drama Actress & Director

In a recent YouTube vlog, Pakistani drama actress Bushra Ansari and her husband, director Iqbal Hussain, offered a glimpse into their relationship and defied societal expectations surrounding age gaps in marriage.

The couple confirmed their remarriage, publicly acknowledging their union after years together. Their conversation addressed societal perceptions about marrying later in life, particularly for women.

Hussain revealed how their bond deepened while working on a drama project, prompting him to propose. Ansari, however, took time to consider the proposal. Having been married for 30 years, she had built a life of independence following her divorce.

“Another marriage simply wasn’t on my radar,” Bushra Ansari admitted. “I was financially secure, my children were settled, and I felt fulfilled.”

She elaborated on the challenges of re-entering the dating pool after a long marriage, particularly keeping her divorce private initially.

Both Bushra Ansari and Iqbal Hussain expressed their appreciation for the unwavering support they received from their close circle of friends, including fellow actors Asma Abbas, Bilal Abbas, Behroze Sabzwari, Badar Khalil, and Sultana Siddiqui.

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4- Saba Hameed & Waseem Abbas – Pakistani Drama Actress & Actor

Saba Hameed & Waseem Abbas - Pakistani Drama Actress & Actor

Veteran Pakistani actress Saba Hameed found love again after her first marriage ended. She married actor Waseem Abbas, following her divorce from Syed Pervaiz Shafi with whom she shares two children, singer Meesha Shafi and son Faris Shafi.

Interestingly, Waseem Abbas was also previously married and already a father before their union. Their relationship defied societal norms, with Saba Hameed being three years older than Waseem Abbas. Despite the age difference, described as “decent” by some sources, the couple reportedly maintained a private life and never publicly discussed their marriage in detail.

66 years old Pakistani Drama Actress, Saba Hameed, started her acting career in 1978 and was one of the most popular Pakistani drama actress of her era. Waseem Abbas who is 63 years old, also a well known actor of Pakistani drama industry.

5- Hadiqa Kiani & Nasir Abbas – Pakistani Drama Actress & Singer Second Marriage

Hadiqa Kiani & Nasir Abbas - Pakistani Drama Actress & Singer Second Marriage

Hadiqa Kiani, a powerhouse in Pakistani music, has not only captivated audiences with her soulful voice and captivating performances but has also inspired them with her personal life choices. Known for her dedication to music since a young age, Hadiqa Kiani has carved a remarkable career, belting out hit songs in Urdu and Punjabi, as well as venturing into Sindhi and Pashto. Her talent has garnered her numerous accolades, including the prestigious Tamgha-e-Imtiaz award.

Beyond music, Hadiqa Kiani’s life has been marked by both strength and compassion. She chose to adopt her son, Naad-e-Ali, after the devastating 2005 Kashmir earthquake, showcasing her immense love and commitment to motherhood. Following her divorce from UK-based businessman Syed Fareed Sarwary, Famous Pakistani drama Actress & Singer Hadiqa Kiani made headlines again when she tied the knot with Nadir Abbas, a businessman and philanthropist who is younger than her. This defied societal norms in Pakistan, where age gaps in marriage are often met with disapproval, particularly when the woman is older.

Hadiqa Kiani’s decision to embrace her unconventional love story resonated with many fans, proving that love transcends age and societal expectations. She has become an inspiration for others to prioritize their happiness and seek fulfilling relationships, regardless of traditional constraints. While Kiani maintains a relatively private life, her journey as a successful singer, a devoted mother, and a woman who defies convention continues to be an empowering example for many.


In conclusion, the Pakistani drama industry is witnessing a shift in attitudes towards love and marriage. Actresses like Hina Rizvi, Yasra Rizvi, Bushra Ansari, Saba Hameed, and Hadiqa Kiani are challenging traditional expectations by marrying partners who may be younger than them. These couples prioritize love and companionship, proving that age is just a number. Their stories inspire others to seek fulfilling relationships and defy societal norms. This trend paves the way for a more inclusive and accepting future for love in Pakistan.

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