Karachi residents are braving scorching temperatures as the Meteorological Department issues a heatwave warning. The city will experience hot and humid conditions, with temperatures expected to peak in the coming days.

Seek Relief, Limit Exposure

Officials urge residents to avoid unnecessary travel during the hottest parts of the day, typically midday onwards. Staying hydrated and seeking air-conditioned spaces are crucial for staying cool and safe.

Heatwave Expands Across Sindh

The intense heat isn’t limited to Karachi. Other districts in Sindh province are also forecast to experience scorching temperatures, with highs potentially reaching 41 degrees Celsius (105.8°F) in upper and central districts.

Relief on the Horizon

Although the immediate forecast suggests a continuation of the heatwave, some relief is expected after April 10th. The Meteorological Department predicts a decrease in heat intensity, offering a respite from the scorching conditions.

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