Adidas has implemented a ban on football enthusiasts from purchasing customized German football kits featuring the number 44, following concerns raised by the media regarding their resemblance to symbols associated with Nazi SS units from the World War Two era. The decision to restrict personalization of jerseys with this particular number comes amidst mounting controversy surrounding the newly released kit, which also sparked debates over its choice of pink for the away colors. Historian Michael K├Ânig initially highlighted the design’s problematic associations, labeling it as “very questionable” due to its resemblance to Nazi symbols, notably the SS rune utilized by the infamous units responsible for heinous crimes against humanity.

According to an Adidas spokesman, the company staunchly denies any intentional references to Nazi symbolism in the kit’s design, affirming its commitment to combating xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and all forms of violence and hatred. Adidas clarified that the German Football Association (DFB) and its partners were responsible for designing the numbers on the shirts, and that the kit’s resemblance to Nazi symbols was not identified during the review process with UEFA. Despite this assertion, an alternative design for the number 4 is set to be developed to address the concerns raised.

Beyond the controversy surrounding its design, the kit has faced additional criticism for its choice of bright pink as the away color. While some supporters argue that the color symbolizes the country’s diversity, critics contend that it deviates from tradition and is primarily aimed at generating revenue for the DFB. The ongoing controversies surrounding the kit coincide with the German Football Association’s decision to switch from Adidas to Nike as the manufacturer of German football kits starting from 2027, a move criticized by Economy Minister Robert Habeck for lacking “patriotism.”

Against the backdrop of these controversies, Germany is slated to host the European Football Championship this year, set to take place across 10 different cities.

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