Cristiano Ronaldo watched from the sidelines as Al-Nassr faced Damac in the 2023-24 Saudi Pro League match today, a strategic decision by coach Luis Castro.

 Preserving Key Players for Bigger Challenges

This move comes as part of a planned rotation strategy. Coach Castro, aiming to keep his team fresh for upcoming challenges, opted to rest key players like Ronaldo after a busy schedule. Al-Nassr played a match just three days ago and has another one coming up on Monday.

Saudi Super Cup Glory in Sight

The most significant upcoming challenge lies just three days away – the Saudi Super Cup semi-final against Al-Hilal. This tournament represents one of Al-Nassr’s final opportunities to secure silverware this season, especially considering Al-Hilal’s commanding lead in the Pro League standings.

Ronaldo’s Stellar Performance Warrants a Break

Ronaldo’s absence might surprise some after his impressive showing on Tuesday. He delivered a remarkable hat-trick within the first half, including two spectacular free-kick goals and two assists. This dominant performance likely factored into Coach Castro’s decision to rest him for the Damac match, ensuring Ronaldo’s peak fitness for the crucial Super Cup semi-final.

Defying Age and Leading the League

Despite his 39 years, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to dominate the Saudi Pro League. He currently holds the top scorer position with a staggering 29 goals in 26 matches, solidifying his scoring prowess exclamation Additionally, Ronaldo leads the league in assists, showcasing his well-rounded offensive contribution.

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