The upcoming Bitcoin halving, scheduled for April 20th, has sparked debate about its impact on the cryptocurrency’s price. While historical data suggests short-term volatility, long-term trends point towards significant growth.

Past Bitcoin Halving Hint at Long-Term Bullishness

According to Bitwise Asset Management, past halving events have been followed by periods of substantial price appreciation despite initial dips. They point out that in the year following the 2012 halving, Bitcoin surged a staggering 8,839%, despite a modest 9% gain in the month immediately after. Similar patterns emerged in 2016 and 2020, with price corrections in the first month followed by triple-digit percentage gains within a year.

Market May Underestimate Long-Term Impact

Bitwise argues that the market might be overemphasizing the short-term price fluctuations surrounding the halving and neglecting its long-term bullish influence. This underestimation could be due to the unique situation of this cycle, where Bitcoin reached an all-time high before the halving for the first time.

Short-Term Volatility Expected Following Bitcoin Halving

Industry experts anticipate short-term volatility following the halving. 10x Research predicts a potential $5 billion sell-off by miners, potentially exerting downward pressure on prices. Additionally, some analysts believe the halving rally might already be priced in, leading to a muted response in the immediate aftermath.

Potential for Further Correction

Technical analysis suggests the possibility of further price dips. Rekt Capital highlights historical market corrections ranging from 18% to 23% since the 2022 bear market bottom. With the current correction at 16%, some analysts, like Cold Blooded Shiller, predict a potential drop to around $51,000 for Bitcoin.


The upcoming Bitcoin halving is likely to cause short-term price fluctuations. However, historical trends suggest that these short-term movements might be overshadowed by significant long-term growth. Investors should consider both possibilities when making investment decisions.

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