Best Pakistani Drama of 2024: Shiddat

In the vibrant world of Pakistani television, where captivating storytelling and stellar performances reign supreme, “Shiddat” on Geo TV has emerged as a Best Pakistani drama of 2024. With its gripping narrative centered around a wealthy businessman and his complex relationships, “Shiddat” has captivated audiences and soared in ratings. The show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its intense plot and dynamic characters. As we delve into the world of “Shiddat,” let’s explore what makes this drama a standout choice for binge-watching this year.

Shiddat Cast and Characters

“Shiddat” features Muneeb Butt as Sultan, the manipulative and enigmatic businessman, and Anmol Baloch as Asra, the naive woman who falls for him. Their performances have received widespread acclaim. “Shiddat,” is written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, directed by Zeeshan Ahmed and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, stars Muneeb Butt as Sultan and Anmol Baloch as Asra in the lead roles.

The supporting cast includes Minsa Malik, Ismat Zaidi, Erum Akhtar, Noor Ul Hassan, Shamyl Khan, Zain Afzal, Fajar Khan, Sami Khan, Namra Shahid, and Sohail Masood. The original soundtrack (OST) is sung by Sahir Ali Bagga, adding a musical charm to the gripping storyline, following an IMBd Rating of 7.6 out of 10. Airing on Geo TV, “Shiddat” runs every Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m., with each episode lasting approximately 35 to 40 minutes.

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Shiddat: A Promising Drama Tackling Familiar Themes

Shiddat BTS

Har Pal Geo’s latest drama, “Shiddat,” is a story that explores the complexities of love and relationships. The narrative echoes themes explored in dramas like Hum TV’s “Khaas” and ARY Digital’s “Jaisay Aapki Marzi,” highlighting the consequences of untreated mental health issues.

Introducing the Characters and Their Backgrounds

The initial episodes introduce us to Asra (Anmol Baloch) and Sultan (Muneeb Butt). Asra comes from a loving, high-class family. Her upbringing has instilled a sense of innocence and generosity in her. Sultan, on the other hand, hails from a middle-class household marked by parental conflict. While ambitious and intelligent, he carries emotional scars from past struggles.

Exploring the Plot and Early Connections

As the story unfolds, Asra falls for Sultan, mistaking his intensity for ideal love. However, the meet-cutes in the initial episodes, while establishing their connection, might feel somewhat contrived for a bustling city like Karachi. Similarly, some actions by the characters, like Asra entering Sultan’s room, could be seen as out of place.

Looking Ahead: Potential and Promise

Despite these observations, “Shiddat” holds promise. The show boasts strong performances and a plotline that thickens with the introduction of Minsa Malik’s character at the end of episode 2. While the initial execution might raise questions, the show’s potential for a compelling narrative remains.

Shiddat: Plot Summary Till Date

Wedding pics of Sultan & Asra

“Shiddat” is a Pakistani drama that follows the life of Sultan, a successful yet enigmatic businessman. The show, explores themes of love, manipulation, and psychological depth. Sultan is introduced as a charming yet manipulative figure, with his past revealed through flashbacks.

Sultan’s interactions with Asra, played by Anmol Baloch, showcase his strategic thinking and ability to orchestrate events to achieve his goals. The drama also delves into Sultan’s family dynamics, revealing a troubled childhood marked by an abusive relationship between his parents.

Sultan’s relationship with Pari adds to the intrigue, with his subtle, emotional interactions raising questions about his responsibility and genuine feelings. However, supporting characters like Noor ul Hassan, Erum Akhtar, Minsa Malik, Shamyl Khan, Ismat Zaidi, Namra Shahid, Fajjer Khan, Zain Afzal, Sami Khan, and Sohail Masood contribute to the rich tapestry of the narrative. “Shiddat” remains a compelling watch due to its unpredictable nature and well-crafted backstory. It airs on Geo Entertainment every Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m., captivating audiences with its intriguing plot and complex characters.

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Sultan in Shiddat: A Masterfully Crafted Character

Sultan in Shiddat: A Deep Character

“Shiddat” is a Pakistani drama that showcases the complex personality of Sultan, played by Muneeb Butt. The character oscillates between moral extremes, demonstrating the creators’ ability to build a nuanced personality. Sultan’s transformation from a naive schoolboy to a controlling adult is portrayed with depth and nuance. His ability to orchestrate events, such as the missing earrings incident, is evident in his strategic thinking. His unpredictable nature raises questions about his true intentions and hints at deeper psychological issues.

Sultan’s calculated success in professional and personal realms suggests a grander scheme at play. His relationships with Pari and Asra also oscillate between protective and manipulative, further blurring the lines of his true intentions. “Shiddat” is a masterful blend of light and shadow, making it a relatable drama.

Some Fans Severely Criticizing Pakistani Drama Shiddat for Sultan’s Toxicity

Shiddat Cast

“Shiddat” centers on Asra, a young woman navigating a challenging marriage. While the drama has garnered high viewership and praise for the lead actors’ performances, the plot has sparked debate. Some viewers criticize the show for potentially normalizing unhealthy behavior.

Social Media Reacts to “Shiddat’s” Portrayal

The recent episode of “Shiddat” has ignited social media discussions. Fans express frustration with the narrative’s direction, particularly regarding Asra’s relationship with her husband Sultan. Viewers point towards Sultan’s actions as potentially toxic and question the message it sends about female empowerment.

Social media users are particularly critical of Asra’s parents for seemingly overlooking Sultan’s red flags. The audience overwhelmingly desires to see Asra stand up for herself and break free from the unhealthy dynamic.

Real-Life Parallels Fuel the Discussion

Several female viewers have shared their own experiences with partners mirroring Sultan’s behavior. This personal connection further fuels the debate about the show’s portrayal of relationships.


“Shiddat” has sparked lively conversation, captivating audiences with its complex characters and intriguing plot. Muneeb Butt’s portrayal of the enigmatic Sultan is particularly noteworthy. However, the drama’s exploration of an unhealthy relationship has also drawn criticism for potentially normalizing toxic behavior. Whether you find “Shiddat” to be a thought-provoking exploration of social issues or a problematic portrayal of love, it’s definitely a drama that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

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