The “blanket couple in Battery Park” incident has sparked significant controversy in New York City. A TikTok video capturing a couple beneath a blanket in Battery Park, New York City, has ignited a firestorm online. Posted by @girlsorwomen with the caption “Trying to enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon in NYC…,” the clip garnered over 40 million views in just two days. Many social media users voiced their outrage, echoing the sentiments of those demanding action against the couple.

One commenter expressed concern, stating, “I feel like people are not taking the NYC blanket couple situation seriously enough. They are having sex in the park in front of children, which is not okay.”

Another commenter, clearly disturbed by the scene, exclaimed, “Ew, that NYC couple that had public sex under a blanket needs to be euthanized!!! Children were playing like 4 feet away from them??? In a busy public park.”

Reflecting on the audacity of the couple, a third person commented, “That couple really went out to a busy park, put a blanket over themselves, and thought no one would notice?! They couldn’t get a motel or something?”

Another individual expressed disbelief, saying, “Well, here you have it. I thought I’ve seen it all—two couples having sex in broad daylight in Battery Park, NYC? In front of children and all to see! What has America turned into—a blind side! Tourists beware.”

Lastly, a user noted the lack of intervention, writing, “This couple had sex under their blanket in Battery Park NYC. It’s wild. Parents with kids everywhere and no one called the police.”

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