Parents grappling with concerns over their children’s extensive gaming habits may find solace in the perspective of Sir Demis Hassabis, a recently knighted AI millionaire. In an interview with the BBC, Sir Demis urged parents to shift their focus from discouraging gaming to fostering their children’s creative utilization of technology, advocating for activities that promote creation and programming. Drawing from his own upbringing, Sir Demis highlighted the significance of nurturing passions and skills, citing his own trajectory from a child chess prodigy to an AI innovator.

Emphasizing adaptability as a crucial skill in today’s fast-paced world, Sir Demis encouraged parents to embrace their children’s adaptability. His personal journey, which includes designing video games in his youth and co-founding Google’s DeepMind, underscores the potential for creativity and innovation inherent in the gaming sphere. Reflecting on his recent knighthood, Sir Demis expressed pride in his team’s contributions to the AI field and British society.

Despite concerns surrounding AI’s impact, including issues like deepfake videos and algorithm bias, Sir Demis remains hopeful about AI’s capacity for positive change, stressing the importance of responsible management of such powerful technology. He acknowledged the challenges posed by AI advancements but emphasized the need for collective efforts to mitigate risks and ensure its beneficial application. Sir Demis’s remarks reflect a nuanced understanding of the potential of gaming and AI, urging parents to encourage their children’s exploration of technology while also emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations and responsible usage.

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